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Growing To Meta Tech Lead And Then Entrepreneurship - By Jocelin Ho

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Jocelin's presentation is filled with gems (including a fun video by Mark Zuckerberg), so we're just going to share her core learnings here:

  1. You need to be versatile to survive - One of the biggest misconceptions about software engineering is that it's mostly about writing code: This couldn't be further from the truth. In order to be a genuinely stellar engineer, you need to have a vast array of skills on top of coding like communication, the ability to smoothly process feedback, multi-tasking, and much more. Jocelin excelled at developing these skills, which is why she was able to get promoted from E3 -> E4 at Meta (junior -> mid-level) in just 6 months, faster than 95% of FAANG engineers.
  2. Don't get emotionally attached to what you built - Tech is always fast-moving and chaotic, and this is accentuated when you work at a top company like Meta. Organizational priorities change all the time, and this can mean that your hard work gets thrown out. Don't take it personally and continue striving to deliver impact and grow.
  3. Don't be afraid to take the leap - You will literally never be ready for that big career or life change, whether it's taking your first FAANG interview, switching to management, or starting your own company. Once you have conviction in knowing what you want to do, make that jump and focus on growing and adapting as fast as possible. It's not about where you are now but rather where you can go in the future.
  4. Live up to your own expectations instead of others' - While we should always try to add value to other people's lives and help one another, this doesn't mean we should derive our happiness from what they believe we should be. You own your own happiness - Set goals that are both feasible and exciting for you and ignore all the noise. This is especially relevant in tech where there's so many brilliant people, and it's tempting to compare yourself to others.

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