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The Biggest Benefit Of Working At Big Tech - Learning Proper Engineering Skills

We all know how powerful Big Tech is when it comes to its top-of-market compensation and resume power. However, there is a much bigger long-term benefit these prestigious companies have when it comes to software engineers.

Here are the core points from the video:

  • Big Tech is stellar at teaching proper engineering - You simply can't reach 100 million+ users without being great at software engineering. These companies have the experience and history to show software engineers how things should be done.
  • You will be pushed to be better - Big Tech invests billions in hiring the absolute best tech talent in the world. In order to ship quality products at scale, these engineers push each other constantly to do the right thing. When you work at Big Tech, you become a part of this process and peer pressure.
  • Here are just some of the ways this learning manifests:
    • Thorough release process with staged rollout and deep analytics
    • Code review where you get tons of comments on how to improve
    • Great internal tooling showing you what parts of the engineering experience can be made seamless

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