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Here's How To Identify A Superstar Leader

Ethan Evans is a retired Amazon VP who led teams of up to 800. Here are his two criteria to see your manager is worth working for.

1. Investing in people:

  • Look for a manager with a track record of growing and promoting their team members.
  • Signs of this include:
    • Do reports of your manager often get promoted or take on higher responsibilities?
    • Does your manager actively create opportunities for your development and growth?
    • Does your manager provide good mentorship and guidance?
    • Managers with a loyal following strongly indicate their leadership qualities.

2. Personal trajectory:

  • Assess your manager's career progression.
  • Look for:
    • Consistent upward movement and promotions.
    • A history of exceeding expectations and taking on greater challenges.
    • Faster-than-average advancement compared to peers.


  • A manager who invests in their people will more likely create a supportive and growth-oriented environment for you.
  • A manager on a consistent upward trajectory signifies their competence and ability, potentially opening doors for their team's growth as well.

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