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Strategies To Stop Procrastination

Procrastination: We all become masters of it in school, and for almost all of it, this terrible habit will continue long into our careers. This video covers how you can combat procrastination and maximize your work productivity.

Here are the key points from the video:

  • Break down your overall goal into smaller pieces and strive to do just 1-2 pieces of it per day.
  • Write things down! Clarity leads to action.
  • After every week, reflect on how you spent your time.
  • Find an accountability partner. Pair with someone else and commit to sharing progress updates with one another every single day. This social pressure will motivate you to do work as you don't want to be the person going into that meeting with no progress.
  • Introspect and ask yourself if you're truly excited about the thing you're doing. If you're not, you might need to find that true passion.

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