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This Is Why You Should Work For Big Tech

So many engineers want to work for FAANG and for good reason: There are lot of career benefits that Big Tech is exceptionally good at providing.

Here are the core scenarios where Big Tech is a slam dunk career choice for you:

  • You are earlier in career - Big Tech will give you a rock solid foundation across all levels: Learning, compensation, job prospects - You name it. When you're younger, you will generally be more flexible with work-life balance (i.e. you're more physically able to work longer hours), so you will be better equipped to deal with the stress of Big Tech.
  • You need money - More money is almost always useful, and if you live in a very high cost-of-living area (e.g. SF Bay Area), it becomes necessary. Big Tech gives a consistent, incredibly high income.
  • You value stability and are risk-averse - Even with the layoffs, these companies are some of the safest places to be. Compared to peer companies, they have done far fewer layoffs across their lifespan and they have rock solid, wildly profitable business models.

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