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The Hardest Part Of Peer Feedback: Giving Them Constructive Criticism

  • When the feedback prompt asks you for what your peer can improve on, it is not asking you what your peer is doing poorly. If you see your peer doing something toxic/negative, you should give them that feedback immediately. Don't wait 6-12 months until performance review season to drop this giant ball on them.
  • The real question behind this prompt is: "How can your peer expand their scope?". This often times involves something they're already doing well that they can do even better and expand to achieve even greater impact.
  • This question will be much easier to answer once you have a deep understanding of engineer levels as a lot of this feedback will be around what you think your peers can do to reach the next level.
  • Example: Your peer is very passionate about automated testing and always pairs their landed code with robust test coverage. You suggest that they push to spread this behavior across the entire team with an overall testing initiative.