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How Managers Split Their Time Between High/Medium/Low Performers

David Pan (former VP of Engineering) talks about how he managers should split their time between high, medium, and low performers.

David argues that managers should spend the majority of their time with high performers, as they are the ones who are most likely to drive the team's success. However, David also argues that managers should not neglect medium and low performers, as they can still contribute to the team's success with the right support.

  • 📈 For high performers, managers should focus on providing opportunities for growth and development.
  • 🙂 For medium performers, managers should provide feedback and coaching.
  • 😔 For low performers, managers should provide support and resources to help them improve their performance. If their poor performance is sustained, they should be removed from the team to avoid negative impact on the rest of the team.

High performers typically do 80% of the work, while medium performers do 30% of the work. That means the low performers are contributing -10%!

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