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How To Make Sure Your Engineering Manager Gives You The Proper Credit

So many software engineers are frustrated with the amount of credit their manager gives them, especially during performance review. Watch this video to ensure that this never happens again.

Here are the core points from the video:

  • Assume that your manager doesn't know what you're doing - Engineering managers are extremely busy, and they are unfortunately more busy the higher quality they are (i.e. more people will want to book meetings with them if they are good). A lot of the time, they simply won't have the time to proactively scan what you're doing - They aren't unaware of your impact/problems due to bad intent.
  • Alert your manager of important events
    • cc them on communications (Slack/Teams message, emails) and documents
    • Put them as optional on meetings (they may even want to join if it's an important meeting)
    • Share in 1:1 meetings (this is the most powerful medium)

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