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Use Code Review Feedback For Hypergrowth - Meta Prodigy Engineer Story

As a junior software engineer, one of the main ways you're going to grow is through feedback on your code review. Because of this, it's vital that you get the maximum value from code review feedback.

Here are the core points from the video:

  • Respond quickly and with appreciation - Be thankful of good code review feedback, and try to respond to code review comments within 1 to 4 hours. Don't be defensive when it comes to code review feedback.
  • Don't make the same mistake twice - Take the time to really understand and absorb the feedback: Don't just make the suggested change. If you don't understand the principles behind some feedback on your code, just ask! Here's our in-depth advice on how to really not forget code review feedback.
  • Alex's mentee prodigy story - Alex had a Meta mentee who was able to grow from junior [E3] to senior [E5] in just 2 years. A big part of this was their incredible code velocity:
    • This mentee really nailed learning from code review feedback. Their initial commits were a bit messy, but they quickly got to a point where they stopped making mistakes.
    • They were also very meticulous about their pull request quality. They always had very thorough summaries alongside very complete test plans. For more complicated commits, they would have up to 5 videos walking through every case.
    • After 1 half, this engineer was writing almost 500 commits a half, making them the #1 code committer in the entire organization. This was largely because their stellar code quality and code review learning allowed them to land their pull requests on the very first try 90%+ of the time.

This highlight is from our masterclass on "How To Write Better Code Faster As A Software Engineer". Click here to watch it.

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