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Common Scenarios For Setting Up 1 on 1s

1:1s are meetings for the 2 people involved to connect and build a longer-term relationship. Here are 3 criteria for setting up a 1:1 with someone on the team:

  1. Incoming new hires: help the new person on the team feel welcome and get them onboarded
  2. You being the new hire: When you're new, 1:1s help you build up valuable context and relationships from talking to existing teammates. Use your "new"-ness to setup meetings with anyone who might be relevant to your job as described here.
  3. Working with a new team: If you have a long-term relationship with a partner from another team, it could be worthwhile to setup a recurring one on one with them.

Here's the full masterclass about 1:1s. Meeting are the purest usage of the most valuable resource: time. Make sure you leverage meetings effectively!