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Career path for Quality & Automation Engineering managers

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Senior Software Engineer at Taro Community8 months ago

I am a Quality & Automation Engineering manager at my current company. I would like to know the career path forward from this role and how can I prepare for this?



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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    8 months ago

    Your best bet would be to talk to Automation / QA folks directly. Coffee chats (live meetings) are especially well-suited here since you get info that people typically wouldn't put in writing.

    Put this in a message in your Taro Networking profile! https://www.jointaro.com/networking/

    You can do a search on LinkedIn for terms like "Automation Test Lead" (e.g. I worked with Jing at Meta!)

    My answer as someone who hasn't done this job function: it's similar to SWE roles except more of a bias to management. My sense is that there's less room on the IC ladder in QA/automation.