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How can I get my work better recognized by leadership?

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Software Engineer at Series B Startup2 years ago

I got feedback from my manager that I can do more to increase the scope of my influence within the company, and this involves getting more recognition and visibility from leadership for my projects. How can I do this?



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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    2 years ago
    • In general, you get more visibility and recognition by communicating and showing your work more.
    • People love demos! If you can, demo your wins in front of your team/org/company. If there's no formal mechanism for this, maybe you can propose a demo day every month/quarter or something. A Series B startup should be pretty tightly knit - There's a good chance this event could be a company-wide thing!
    • If you don't want to do a huge presentation, at least do a launch post/message in email/Slack/Workplace.
    • At Meta, pretty much any project run by a strong tech lead was very visible due to constant communication. This is when they would share a public post about their project:
      • Kick-off
      • Tech review
      • Weekly/bi-weekly updates
      • Major milestones being hit
      • Launch (this can be split even further into A/B test and full launch)
    • Communication is great for alignment. Like in the Meta example above, there's no real downside to communicating a lot about your project. It will help keep people aligned and excited about your work.

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