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I want to be able to lead another group of engineers. How can I shape my career to achieve this vision?

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Android Engineer at Seed stage startup2 years ago

Right now, I’m the only fully dedicated Android engineer in my company. My career goal is to lead a group of engineers, teaching them how to code and helping out with their problems in general. How can I shape my career to achieve this vision?



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    2 years ago

    Your career grows when your company grows, so if your startup is rapidly increasing revenue and expanding headcount, you’re well positioned to start leading other engineers.

    The other dimension which is more in your control is your own development as an engineer. Here’s the progression I’ve seen:

    • How often are you able to unblock yourself?
    • How often are you able to suggest an improvement or fix that meaningfully helps another engineer on the team? Whether technical or non-technical?
    • How often do engineers ping you or ask for your guidance in what they’re working on?