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    9 months ago

    I like that you used the template from Alex and it looks like you’re using about the right amount of space for each component.

    I have two main suggestions:

    • Try using the Accomplished [X], Measured by [Y], By Doing [Z] format as much as possible. For instance, your first line of “Displays current time on the page and updates it every second” could be “Shipped clock feature with 0 bugs in production by using test driven development (or some time zone library, or some frontend tool)”. Most every line with this format will start with an action word like implemented, increased, devised, found, debugged, presented, created, achieved, improved etc.
    • Do a couple passes looking for subtle consistency bugs. I noticed that some job titles are italicized or capitalized while others aren’t, some bullet points start with capitals some not, one bullet point has a period at the end while others don’t. It seems silly but recruiters would care about this if they feel it shows missed attention to detail.
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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    9 months ago

    Agreed with Mistplay. For your work experience (and projects as well, although it's a bit harder), I'd like to see more numbers showing the impact of what you did.

    How well-regarded is Amity University? If it's well known, I'd put that at the top since you're a recent graduate.

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    Entry-Level Software Engineer [OP]
    Consulting Company
    9 months ago

    amity university is not well regarded, so should I put it at the top?