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[Meta Hiring Process] Meta recruiters request references before submitting feedback file to review committee

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Staff Software Engineer at CloudTech LLC16 days ago

Meta recruiters request references of people you have worked with before who are current employees of Meta before submitting feedback file to review committee.

My question is what & how much impact does providing these references have on your application, candidacy and the ultimate outcome of the interview process.

Does it hurt your chances to not be able to provide these one or more of these references?



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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    16 days ago

    It's a promising sign if they're asking for references! It certainly helps if current Meta employees advocate for you, but you also should not be penalized if not. (Mandating that all new employees know current employees would be bad for DEI.)

    Instead of offering a reference who works at Meta, you should be able to provide the names of other people you've worked with. I'd recommend giving the names of at least one other industry person who has worked in a Big Tech environment, which would be comparable to Meta.

    Two very relevant threads here:

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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    7 days ago

    I got into Meta without having any current references at the company - It's definitely not a requirement. Though I'm sure if you had 10 high-performing E5+ engineers in Meta who explicitly vouch for you, that would help quite a bit. But don't worry if that number is 0 😄

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