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Can you please suggest me any names from Meta to put as references?

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Senior Software Engineer at Washington State Labor & Industrya year ago

I got an interview call from Meta for SDE position. They asked to send over any names of references I have at Meta. Can you please suggest me any names from Meta to put as references?

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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    a year ago

    Here's how I'd think about who to include as a reference check:

    • People who will say positive things about you (obviously)
    • People who can speak to specific experiences or projects (rather than than just generalties like "He works hard")
    • People from a diversity of past experiences (not all from a single job)

    So in my case, I believe I gave the contact info of the following people when I joined Facebook in 2017:

    • My Product Manager from Pinterest who had actually joined Facebook already
    • My Facebook intern manager from 2013, who was now working at Airbnb
    • My Stanford professor for whom I did my senior project

    Since I was still working at Pinterest at the time that I landed the Facebook offer, I didn't give any names from Pinterest. Most companies will understand this.

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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    a year ago

    Can you please suggest me any names from Meta to put as references?

    The point of a reference is someone who can personally vouch for you and strengthen your packet. If no people immediately come to mind, you can scan your LinkedIn connections for people who work at Meta. Maybe there's a ex-coworker you were really close with who ended up there.

    If you do this and it turns out that you can't find anybody, you can just say that you don't closely know anybody within Meta. This is totally okay, and you can 100% still pass the interview without having any internal references. I would say most people who interview with Meta don't have a reference within the company - This was definitely the case with the vast majority of interview packets I went through.

    fwiw, I got into Meta without having any internal references, and I ended up doing just fine there 🤷😁

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