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Giving Feedback

  • If you're giving constructive feedback, try to pair it with something positive. In general, positives are good at offsetting negatives.
  • Tentative language is also crucial, especially with constructive feedback.
  • Example feedback around running meetings:
    • Bad: "You need to stop cutting people off in meetings."
    • Good: "You do a great job running meetings and making sure that they're on track, but I feel like in pursuit of that, you sometimes cut people off too soon and aggressively instead of letting their voice fully be heard. I think letting everyone get their complete thoughts out is important for our team, and we can always extend the meeting length if there's no way we can time-box properly while doing this."
  • Your overall mentality should be, "How can we all become better?", as opposed to, "I need to tell this person why they suck.".
  • If you don't feel too close to the person you're giving feedback to, you can go through your manager to share the feedback with them or with their manager. At a high-level, you can see your manager as a "people API" to abstract away issues like these.

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