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Onboarding Efficiently

  • Onboarding is arguably the most important part of your internship as it sets the foundation and tone for your entire software engineer internship.
  • Set up a 30 to 45 minute meeting with your intern manager (IM) ASAP, so they can explain the codebase to you at a high-level (i.e. a component level).
  • Make sure you have a recurring 1:1 meeting with your IM, which should be a weekly 30 minutes. Your IM should set this up for you, but in case they don't, you can work with them to set it up.
  • You will get 2-5 onboarding tasks to work on across the first ~2 weeks. The purpose of these is to familiarize yourself with the codebase.
  • Aim to put out your 1st diff by the end of Week 1. If you're doing this around the end of Week 2, you're really behind.
  • Ask a ton of questions and learn to ask high-quality questions. Don't be afraid of "over-asking" questions: If you're polite while asking questions and attaching great context to them, you will be fine no matter how many questions you ask.
  • Use Work Chat DMs to ask for help aggressively during this period as it's vital for you to become productive within the codebase very quickly

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