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Writing The Code

  • Keep your diffs focused and atomic. Aim for 25-250 lines of code per diff.
  • Use stacked diffs: They are core to Meta's code culture. If you're unsure how to break up your work into a diff stack, work with your intern manager to come up with how things should be broken down.
  • Make sure that all your diffs have a really good context section. You can have a "Context" section at the top explaining the overall goal of the diff stack (i.e. usually what your intern project is meant to do) and then a "In This Diff" section which explains the specific problem your diff tackles.
  • Attach a test plan to show that your code works and to turn the diff review into a high-value artifact. Record a video of you stepping through the flow if possible (this should be easy as many interns work on internal tools) and make sure to cover those edge cases!
  • Keep a very close eye on your Phabricator notifications. Your goal is to respond to code review comments quickly (within 30 minutes) and gracefully. Code review feedback is the main way you grow as a software engineer intern as the internship's goal is to develop your raw coding ability.
  • Land diffs ASAP, so you don't need to deal with rebase hell.

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