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Autism Allyship and Identity in Tech

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Autism Allyship and Identity in Tech event
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Based on statistics about 1 in 50 people are Autistic. This means you likely already know someone at work or in your personal life, maybe even yourself, that is Autistic. Further, you're likely to meet other Autistic people professionally.

Join us for a conversation about differences in Autistic identity, thoughtfully approaching Autistic peers, and how to demonstrate allyship from the perspectives of two Autistic engineers, one working in the US, the other in Europe.

If you're interested in Lee's full career journey, you can watch it here: An Autistic Journey To Google Staff Engineer [L6] From Software Analyst - By Lee McKeeman

Event speakers
Lee McKeeman speaker
Lee McKeemanStaff Software Engineer at Google
Jaswir Raghoe speaker
Jaswir RaghoeSoftware at FlexDelft
Rozie Delgado speaker
Rozie DelgadoCommunity Manager @ Taro