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[Distributed Systems Deep Dive] Wide-column NoSQL DB / Cassandra

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[Distributed Systems Deep Dive] Wide-column NoSQL DB / Cassandra event
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If you're interested in how to design a wide-column NoSQL database, this session is for you. We'll start with the basics: what Cassandra is and why it's a popular choice for handling massive amounts of data. Expect a clear explanation of its architecture and how it spreads data across multiple servers. We'll cover how Cassandra keeps your data in sync and the trade-offs you might face.

  • Cassandra Basics: Learn what Cassandra is made for and when it's better than other database options.

  • Architecture Overview: Understand Cassandra's setup and how it's built for horizontal scaling.

  • Data Duplication: Find out how Cassandra copies data to protect against outages.

  • Consistency Levels: See how you can control consistency in Cassandra to fit your use case.

  • Writes and Reads: Get into the details of how Cassandra handles your data when you're adding or retrieving it.

  • Node Communication: Discover how Cassandra's nodes talk to each other to stay up to date.

  • Space Management: Take a look at how Cassandra keeps disk space in check by getting rid of unnecessary data.

  • Dealing with Deletions: Understand how Cassandra handles the cleanup of deleted records.