How Does FAANG Hire? What Big Tech Recruiters Look For

How Does FAANG Hire? What Big Tech Recruiters Look For event
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Nikita Gupta worked as a Senior Technical Recruiter at Uber and Amazon with 3+ years of recruiting and hiring experience. She extensively used applicant tracking systems (ATS) to search for the right candidates and hire them.

Nikita is an expert in helping candidates create better resumes and LinkedIn profiles in order to land more job opportunities. Her company does exactly this.

As a full-cycle recruiter with experience in Big Tech and startups, Nikita will talk about how FAANG companies hire, and what misconceptions engineers often have when applying to jobs. She'll cover:

  • Does "keyword stuffing" in resumes increase the chance of getting an interview?
  • What are the top 3 things a recruiter looks for when opening a resume?
  • How much does the recruiter screen matter in the overall interview process?
  • How much does your LinkedIn matter in the job search?

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Nikita GuptaFounder at CareerFlow. Ex-Senior Recruiter at Uber, Amazon.