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How Rahul's Compensation Went From $400K to $800K at Meta

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How Rahul's Compensation Went From $400K to $800K at Meta event
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In 2021, the last full year Rahul worked at Meta, he made $823K. When he joined Facebook (Meta) in 2017, his total compensation was $390K. See the full details in the YouTube video.

In this session, Rahul will document how his yearly compensation more than doubled over the 4.5 years he was employed at the company. This talk will cover details that didn't fit into the YouTube video while exploring angles of it more in-depth.


  • What components of compensation matter the most in a typical tech company
  • Onboarding effectively and overcoming anxiety around sky-high expectations (which will come with starting at $400k TC)
  • Finding Staff Engineer scope and working with your manager on defining (and then following through on) a promotion plan
  • How Rahul was able to get Additional Equity (AE) with a stellar project, greatly boosting his compensation
  • The psychology around pay changes

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Rahul PandeyTech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei