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Mock Interview Meetup - Data Structures & Algorithms (LeetCode)

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Mock Interview Meetup - Data Structures & Algorithms (LeetCode) event
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If you don't have a Taro Premium membership, you can get it with a discount using his special link here: https://www.jointaro.com/r/dannye523/

Join us for a meetup to do DS&A mock interviews!

Be prepared to give an interview and also take an interview. You should have a question prepared that you know well. You can also spectate an interview, put spectate in your name when you join the call Ex: Danny E (spectate)

To learn how to do a mock interview, check out some recorded mocks: https://start.interviewing.io/showcase

We know that a lot of folks want a mock interview but are unsure/not confident to give one themselves, so we highly recommend using the additional resources here to really learn how to give mock interviews:

Honestly, a lot of the value for giving a mock interviewer is just being a responsive human on the other side. No need to be a super DSA genius to give a proper mock interview!

We also have Taro Networking! Your mock interview journey doesn't have to end here - Use this platform to find other folks to mock interview with in the future: https://www.jointaro.com/networking/