"What can Taro Premium do for me?" - 10/7/2022


If you're looking for a job, check out our video on how Taro can help you with that.

Intro Chat

  • Every new Taro Premium member gets to chat 1 on 1 with a Taro cofounder for 30 minutes. This is something we can do at this stage since we're so early!
  • The point of the call is to help you immediately with any questions and job issues you have and get an understanding of your longer-term career goals in general. From there, we can provide a personalized collection of relevant career resources just for you.

Group Office Hours

  • We love helping people directly, so after the initial 1 on 1 call, we have group office hours every week.
  • Each group office hours is led by a Taro cofounder, and it's meant to be a flexible, intimate, and communal way for you to get the help you need and just learn from other talented software engineers and their problems.
  • You can drop in and out whenever, and if you want to stay anonymous, just join with an online name, video off, and share your question in chat. These sessions are not recorded to protect everyone's privacy.

Taro Premium Sessions

Q&A Platform

Masterclasses And Courses

Taro Premium Community

  • All Taro Premium members are invited to an exclusive Slack space, which we're proud to say is one of the most talented, ambitious, and helpful group of software engineers and people in tech in the world.
  • Here you can network with other ambitious folks in the tech industry and learn from one other, pair up for mock interviews, and share referrals.
  • Rahul and Alex are always 1 Slack DM away from helping you!

If all this sounds good to you, you can get Taro Premium here. If you have a learning & development (L&D)/education budget, you can expense Taro Premium and get it for free! Here's the template you can use to get Taro Premium expensed.