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Once You Get This, You Will Be Able To Fix Any Software Bug

The foundation for debugging and just getting software as a whole is understanding the end-to-end flow. This is a mental framework that can be applied to any language and any stack, even if you have never worked on it before.

For most of you, you're working with something like this:

  1. The client sends an API call to the back-end
  2. The server receives the request and parses out the model
  3. The server queries the database for the appropriate data
  4. The server returns the data in a formatted JSON response
  5. The client receives the response and parses it
  6. The client translates the models into UI and renders it

Once you figure out what steps are necessary for the flow you're debugging, you can systematically go through them one-by-one until you identify which one is breaking.

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