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Having The Proper Mentality To Minimize Your Chances Of Getting Laid Off

It's way too easy to start panicking and living in an anxiety-ridden world in this current layoff-rich tech economy. However, this is a very counterproductive mentality to have as a software engineer - This video covers the mindset shift you should make to actually set yourself for success against layoffs.

Here are the core points:

  • Stop freaking out - It is not healthy to be constantly checking the news for layoffs and having it always take up prime real estate within your mind. This will ironically make you more likely to get laid off as your performance will suffer.
  • Your behavior shouldn't change - The optimal things to do to insulate yourself against layoffs are things you should always be doing anyways. Building relationships, optimizing your performance review, and working on a high-impact team are all necessary for fast career growth in general.
  • Focus on what you can control - It sucks, but if you're already working a job that you like, it's simply not possible for you to directly control your destiny when it comes to layoffs. Just do your best as you normally should be and hope for the best. Continue treating those around you with kindness, shipping great projects, and improving your skills.

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