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How The Best Software Engineers Learn A Tech Stack - The Lego Model

  • "The Lego Model" is a way to view the world and understand your learning journey as a software engineer.
    • Technical components (e.g. rendering a list of items) are the individual legos
    • Complete products (e.g. a food delivery app) are the full lego creations
  • There are 3 axes to evaluate your legos:
    • Quantity: How many you have
    • Quality: How good and sturdy your legos are
    • Commonality: How "in demand" your legos are (i.e. how many creations they can fit into)
  • Most earlier-in-career engineers understand the 1st axis of quantity and incorrectly spend a lot of time learning different tech stacks and frameworks.
  • Those same engineers often don't even realize the 2nd and 3rd axes exist:
    • When they learn a component, they will build it out with very low quality.
    • They will learn "flashier" components that aren't even used by most products/companies.

For examples on how to excel at the 2nd and 3rd axes, check out the related resources below!

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