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Behind the scenes of a $320K → $1.05M negotiation in Silicon Valley

Yogi Sharma, an early employee at Facebook, shares an epic story about negotiating a massive compensation increase from his offer at Uber while discovering his true worth in the process.

I am a mathematician and engineer at heart, and I hate negotiations. I want people to evaluate the value of my work and pay me accordingly.

That is the mindset I had before this negotiation with a big ride-sharing company that opened my mind to the possibilities of a different way of operating.

In this candid behind-the-scenes conversation, I will discuss the mindset, preparation, and tactics that went into a negotiation (for the role of a SWE) that started at $320k and ended at $1.05M.

Even harder than doing such negotiation was the decision to decline such a lucrative job offer. (Thanks to that decision, I ended up finding my current profession.) Towards the end, I will also share my rationale behind such a seemingly crazy decision.

If you feel you are doing the work needed for a promotion or raise, but don’t seem to get it, this talk is perfect for you. I used to be that person and struggled to get the rewards I thought I deserved. This negotiation changed me deeply, and I hope to share a few insights that would help you too.

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