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How To Discover Your Work Passions And Hatreds

  • Regularly take time to reflect on how much you enjoy your work, especially when you're earlier-in-career.
  • Write down everything you do. Here are some examples of common things software engineers do:
    • Writing code
    • Reviewing code
    • Meetings
    • Working with JIRA
    • Talking with cross-functional stakeholders
    • Fixing bugs
  • Split all the items into 3 buckets:
    • Things you genuinely enjoy: Tasks/behaviors you are excited to do and can lose track of time doing them.
    • Neutral: Things you can do a good amount of, but in the end, you do it for work.
    • Chores: You only do it for work, and you actively try to minimize doing these as much as possible.
  • From the top bucket (enjoyment bucket), try to craft your work life around that.

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