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What's the Difference Between A Senior And Staff Engineer?

The mark of someone who is NOT ready to be a staff engineer: Asking what needs to happen to get to staff.

A staff engineer should identify problems worth solving, and then get buy-in across the org to solve the problem.

  • Despite each staff engineer's journey being different, there's still an opportunity to learn from the examples of other promotion cases. Here's an example from Rachel's days at Yelp with a talented staff engineer:
    • Google announced an algorithm change for SEO ranking, which would favor websites with better mobile friendliness.
    • An engineer on a feature team recognized that this would hurt Yelp and brought it up very proactively.
    • They drove a proposal and broke down the problem with several domain experts in the organization.
    • It took a while, but they were able to ship a quality, long-term solution.
  • Instead of just looking at "what" new problem to solve, there's also opportunity for very senior engineers to breakdown the "how" to accomplish a large, ambiguous problem and get to staff.

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