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The Most Dangerous Thing People Don't Realize About FAANG

So many engineers focus on just the interview when it comes to breaking into Big Tech. However, cracking the FAANG interview isn't the main thing you should worry about: Surviving at Big Tech is what's truly hard.

Here are the core point from the video:

  • Big Tech expectations are very high - In exchange for world-class pay, you are expected to have world-class productivity. For most engineers coming from non-Big Tech backgrounds, they're going to have to put out more work that's also higher quality compared to what they've normally done.
  • It can be hard to adjust - This is especially relevant if you spent a very long time (10+ years) working at companies that weren't as cutting edge as Big Tech prior to going there. It is very difficult to do things in a completely different way to what you're very used to.
  • Performance review is stressful - Since these companies are so big and have so much process, performance reviews are incredibly thorough and take a long time. It often takes months to write and collect all the feedback necessary to compute the final rating. Couple this with fear of PIP and stack ranking and you have an environment that really puts engineers on edge.

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