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How To Work With Your Manager To Get The Performance Review Rating You Want

Too many engineers are afraid of awkward conversations, so their plan is to just do good work and hope for the best. This rarely works.

Here are the points from the video:

  • Getting the rating you want is a team sport - You need to be in-sync with others (particularly with your manager) on your desired outcome. You have to be transparent about what you want. Use your 1 on 1 to have those hard conversations with your manager on the delta between where you are now and where you want to be. It's painful to hear that you're falling behind, but it's much better to hear it 3 months before the performance review instead of 3 days before.
  • Don't assume that you're doing well - Just because you're not receiving negative feedback doesn't mean that you're doing okay; the reality is that you could be doing as bad as trending towards PIP. Remember that managers are busy, and they can easily forget to give you critical feedback in a timely manner (or just not fully realize you're not doing well until they see peer feedback).

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