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How This Onboarding Course Works

Onboarding into a new job is (hopefully) the start of a rewarding and impactful career change. "Welcome to the rest of your life" is apt when you're the new employee: you are setting the stage for the rest of your job. Make it count!

This course will guide you through the onboarding process as a software engineer. Rahul will share his experiences and knowledge to help you establish relationships, navigate change, and prevent common failure modes. By the end, you'll have a clear understanding of how to build respect, measure progress, and succeed in your new role

Why Rahul is qualified to teach this course:

  • Across full-time and internships, Rahul has worked at 7 different companies with wildly different onboarding processes
  • Rahul has directly coached and mentored hundreds of engineers as they started in new roles
  • Rahul has seen what works (and what doesn't) when engineers apply the advice on the job

When engineers fail to productively ramp up in a company, it's often because they are one extreme of the spectrum of panicked to complacent:

  • Panicked engineers lack focus, try to do/read everything, and are very stressed out.
  • Complacent engineers are too reactive, lack curiosity, and are not stressed enough.

If you're looking for a job, start with this course: Ace Your Tech Interview And Get A Job As A Software Engineer.