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The First Thing You Need To Do Before Figuring Out Your Next Company And Team

Choosing the right company and team for you as a software engineer is one of the most important decisions you'll make, and given the high turnover in the tech industry, is a decision that you will have to make multiple times. This is why having the right mentality here is so crucial, which is what this video covers.

Here are the core points:

  • Everyone is different - There is simply no "one size fits all" career path for everyone. FAANG companies are great overall of course, but there are going to many people and situations where it doesn't make sense to go there.
  • Before thinking about your next move, have an honest conversation with yourself and those close to you about your priorities. Your goal is to create a stack-ranked lists of your priorities.
  • Prioritization is a much harder exercise than people realize as there's simply so many angles to it. Here the ones mentioned in the video:
    • Compensation
    • Work-life balance
    • Company prestige
    • Supportiveness of team
    • Growth opportunities
    • Stability
    • Maximum outcome (risk tolerance)
    • Remote work
    • Product space
    • Company ethics
    • Technical space
    • Level/title
    • Benefits
    • Location

This clip was taken from the following masterclass: [Masterclass] How To Choose A Good Company And Team As A Software Engineer

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