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Ace Your Tech Interview As A Software Engineer [Part 1] - How This Course Works

Let's not mince words: Looking for a job as a software engineer is brutal. It is so easy to lose heart on the journey and stop believing in yourself. This video (and broader course) will solve that for you by giving you the tools to overcome any job search adversity and stand out from the hordes of other candidates. Here are the core parts of the lesson:

  • Your instructor Alex Chiou walks you through his extensive 10+ year Silicon Valley background across top companies like PayPal, Course Hero, Meta, and Robinhood, explaining how he increased his TC (total compensation) by a whopping +800% across just 7 years and led thousands of engineers to interview success at top companies like Meta, Google, and Amazon.
  • You'll understand why the existing landscape about interview preparation resources fails software engineers so miserably, particularly when it comes to data structures and algorithms (DSA) and LeetCode.
  • We walk you through the course objectives. By the end of the course, you will understand how to organize your job search, learn interview skills properly, get job opportunities effectively, follow a framework to come prepared into any interview, and understand all the common software engineer interview round types.

If you want to learn how Alex cracked the FAANG interview, you can check out his story here: How Alex Got Into Meta With 0 Prior LeetCode Experience