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Nail Your Promotion As A Software Engineer [Part 2] - You Can’t Job Hop To Success

A lot of software engineers give up way too easily when they're faced with substantial career resistance. You can't achieve that much genuine growth when you're constantly hopping around, and this reflects in both your level and compensation. This lesson teaches you:

  • Why most engineers hit a wall when solely trying to job switch their way into higher levels, especially at senior and staff
  • The defining trait of engineers who make it to incredibly senior engineering levels (Staff+)
  • How to become a 10x engineer (i.e. Staff+ at a top company)
  • Why it takes so long to truly settle into an organization and be able to demonstrate L6+ impact and behaviors

If you're interested in the 7 levels playlist, here it is: Asking 7 Levels Of Engineers The Most Important Skill