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Instead of relying on the performance review system, how can I create an internal system to measure my own progress?

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Senior Software Engineer [L5] at Google2 years ago

I’d like to convert my internal system of progress into a checklist and then share it with my manager. For example, I’m learning about logging. A question to measure my own progress is to check if I know what information should be logged? What about security considerations? If someone asks me about logging in 2 months, can I unblock them?



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    2 years ago
    • It’s good to create a system of progress, but I’d highly advise not keeping it internal for very long. You should discuss it with your manager or TL, and then see how it ladders up to the official perf system.
    • Your manager may recommend changing the priority or framing of some of your goals.
    • One very rough heuristic to evaluate seniority is if other senior people in the org know what you work on.
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