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How to have productive technical discussions around a large, ambiguous problem?

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Senior Software Engineer [E5] at DoorDash2 months ago

My team’s starting discussions for a large, ambiguous, re-architecture/rewrite project that’s expected to take >1 year to complete. There are 2 E6’s in these discussions (1 backend, 1 iOS) and they have very different (but strong) ideas on the technical direction. The zoom meeting was a bit chaotic with both of them voicing their opinions at the same time multiple times, talking over each other. Moreover, they were jumping around from discussing high-level goals one minute to low-level technical details the next, so it was difficult for the rest of the team to follow the discussions. Do you have advice on how to make these discussions more productive? I'm thinking it might help to have a pre-read document and a clear meeting agenda, along with a meeting facilitator, but would love to hear other ideas as well.

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