Is cover letter still worth to send in job application?

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Mid-Level Software Engineer at Unity4 months ago

Hi, is cover letter still able to raise the likelihood for an applicant to stand out and get hired these days? And if it does, what is the high quality ones look like? Thanks!

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    Software Engineer @ Tesla
    4 months ago

    If it makes it to a real person and speaks to specific qualifications referring to the job posting - Yes.

    Do not tell them your life story.

    Explain why you are qualified for the job and cite examples.

    If you have been networking beforehand especially and find out some real-world problems they are having, you can speak to how you solve those problems and bring value to the company.

    I have a generic cover letter for ATS but I always, always write custom cover letters if I'm handing my application via a person (e.g. a referrer). I investigate what issues I can help solve and bring them up in the letter along with all my experiences.

    Hope that helps!