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How to create a career-development plan?

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Senior Software Engineer [Senior SE1] at Electronic Arts4 months ago

Hello! I am looking for some advise on what a development plan for a lead engineer should look like? To give some context

  • been working as a developer for last 10+ years
  • I love development and solving problems using code


  • I want to eventually get to VP/CTO level, which path is better? I have seen people switch to Engineering Manager for faster promotions
  • Are there any good tips to have that discussion with my manager and set expectations (is that even a good idea?)
  • How do I even go about planning for and then communicating about a goal which is so far out?
  • Is there a way I can break up the goal into smaller achievable goals that I can make progress towards every year
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Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) is an American video game company headquartered in Redwood City, California. Founded in May 1982 by Apple employee Trip Hawkins, the company was a pioneer of the early home computer game industry and promoted the designers and programmers responsible for its games as "software artists."

Electronic Arts

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