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I’m starting at Apple with a 3 month probation as a new grad. How should I think about the probation period?

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Incoming New Grad Engineer at Applea year ago

I’m nervous about joining since my past internships were very relaxed and I didn’t actually do much coding. The probation period makes me think that it may be more “sink or swim” when I join. How can I ensure I get enough support and survive the probation period?



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    2 years ago

    In the US, probation periods are less common since all employment is at-will, meaning the company can let you go at any point. My understanding is that it’s harder to fire people in Europe, so that’s why they put you on “probation”, and perhaps even withholding some benefits until the end of it. Have a discussion with the recruiter before you join to directly ask what kind of support/structure is offered in the probation period.

    My tactical advice is to focus on trajectory and feedback.

    • Spend the first week or two talking to as many people as possible, and then decide a handful of people (maybe 3-4) with whom you’ll have recurring 1:1s. It should be more than just your manager.
    • Ask for feedback. Not just “how am I doing?” but also “what did you think about this meeting I just led?”
    • If someone gives you feedback, acknowledge it and immediately implement it and show your willingness to adapt.