New Grad to Big Tech?

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Student at University of California, Santa Cruz8 months ago

Hi all!

Was wondering what advice people here have for a soon-to-be new grad (previous internship was SWE, but in aerospace) trying to get into big tech? I know this current economy is probably not a great time to try... but is it worth a shot at all?

I know many of the larger tech companies are not really hiring right now; what's the best way to find out which ones are? Is there anything better than just manually looking through the open positions on the company websites?

As a college student I really don't know much about the industry, would be delighted to hear the thoughts of someone more experienced.



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    Startup Engineer
    8 months ago

    You can check out this list:

    Usually, big companies will have a hiring freeze if they're laying people off. In rare circumstances, people will get hired outside of the usual recruitment funnel. For new college grads, it kind of sucks because there's not much you can do but wait until economic conditions improve.

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    Tech Lead/Manager at Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    8 months ago

    Whether to try or not depends on the cost of trying. If it's a couple of hours of time and the potential outcome is a life-changing job, then it's for sure worth it. Especially if you think there's overlap in the work to get into Big Tech vs other jobs you're pursuing.

    RE: the process through which you apply, IMO there are more effective ways than just going through open positions on company websites. In fact, since the barrier to applying in a company jobs portal is so low, you're likely competing against thousands of candidates if you do this.

    I'd instead push you to figure out ways where the candidate pool is smaller. For example, a career fair at UCSC, or tapping into the alumni network, or networking at a meetup for some app/tool you've built. Relevant video: