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Onboarding Expectations / Milestones for New Grad Engineer

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Entry-Level Software Engineer at Taro Community19 days ago

What are some good 2 week, 1 month, and 3 month onboarding milestones for a new grad engineer at a FAANG company? I will discuss these with my manager as well, but I want to first come up with realistic expectations that will set me up for success.



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    Engineer @ Robinhood
    19 days ago

    For a junior level engineer, your goals should be focused on code quality and volume. As time goes on, it needs to be clear that:

    • It's taking you less time to put up code for review
    • You are adopting the best practices of the codebase
    • You are more comfortable making more complicated code changes

    Tying this into a 2 week, 1 month, and 3 month onboarding milestones:

    • 2 weeks: first PR up for review
    • 1 month: 1 PR merged and at least 2 PRs up for review
    • 3 month: 15 PRs merged

    With each milestone gradually having different goals & increasing numbers, there is a clear story that needs to happen of you getting more comfortable with the codebase in order to meet these behavior changes and numbers goals. Numbers may not be exact at measuring progress, but it provides something quantifiable that we can easily measure.

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    Founding ML Engineer @ Lancey (YC S22)
    19 days ago

    Jonathan's answer is fantastic. This video was super helpful for me when I onboarded during internships: https://www.jointaro.com/lesson/ukpEyEsSONZA0n6NFdAP/ask-questions-well/

    Mastering this skill of asking high quality questions will take you far