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How can I work on more complex projects?

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Mid-Level Software Engineer [MTS 4] at Nutanixa year ago

I feel like the projects I get are more generic and straightforward. I want to start making progress towards senior, but the more complex, larger scope projects are going to the engineers on my team that are more senior. What can I do to start getting those projects?



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    Meta, Pinterest, Kosei
    a year ago
    • Step 1 is to tell your manager (be explicit) that you want the larger, more complex projects. If your manager assumes you're content with what you have, you may not get those opportunities.
    • Step 2 is to not rely on your manager to hand you these projects. Talk to tech leads on the team, or look at your own history on the team, and take the initiative to take on a larger project. Create a document or design review meeting to make it "formal" and inform the people on the team that you're doing it, and invite feedback. This should be something that most people agree is valuable -- it shouldn't be a toy project that no one ends up using.