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How can you seek out mentors or advocates within the organization who can provide guidance and support as you integrate into the company?

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Staff Software Engineer [E6] at Metaa month ago

Finding a mentor requires effort and patience. It’s about building relationships based on trust, respect, and mutual benefit. By actively seeking out mentors and demonstrating your commitment to growth, you can gain invaluable guidance and support as you navigate your career path.

How to find the best people who would like to be mentored and people who are mentors?



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    Tech Lead @ Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero
    a month ago

    I cover both angles here (but more so on the mentor perspective): [Case Study] Mentoring Junior SWEs [E3] to Senior [E5] In Just 2.5 Years At Meta

    Here's another good thread: "How does one attract a sponsor who is invested in their growth?"

    When it comes to mentorship, my advice is to look at it through the lens of an investor. As a mentor, my goal is to invest time into a mentee, and have them turn that time investment into growth alongside productivity gains for the mentor through delegation. At Meta, I saw (and was part of) mentorship chains where the E6s mentor the E5s (and lead them) and then the E5s mentor the E4s (and lead them).

    So the question for the mentor is: "Of these people who I can mentor, who will have the greatest return on investment of my time spent providing them guidance?"

    If you flip this, the question for the mentee becomes: "How can I show to everyone that I am someone who grows lightning fast when provided the proper support?"

    This all boils down to coachability signal, which is what I cover in-depth in the above resources.

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