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Mentorship is the influence, guidance, or direction given by a mentor. A mentor is someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person.

How to manage a relatively junior engineer who is kind of bossy and dismissive?

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Senior Software Engineer at Taro Community

While leading a project/initiative, the engineer is not inclined listen to the entire context and just cares about what they need to implement, yet gives out a vibe that they are the highest contributor to the project and dismisses most things I say. Seems like they are perpetually in a rush and keep cutting me off. They are good at grasping and implementing if a very clear direction is given, although it feels like spoon feeding at times. They are very quick to re-assign the task back to me by saying "Can you do xyz?", when they were supposed to do "abc", which needs "xyz" to be figured out. As soon as they can't figure out anything very easily, they assign part task back over text! They are fairly less independent in implementing the task. Although, I am very confident that they do have the ability to be independent, they don't flex those muscles.

I don't think anyone else on the team has problem particularly, although I heard light-hearted conversations where other teammates feel like they overload them with several code reviews at once and follows up too closely by pinging them constantly if there is something they need from others. Overall, the team is very supportive and gives shout-out to them when they implement the task successfully even if that means they were being given very specific direction by for the task completion.

I am hesitant to bring up with manager, as it may be reflect that I am lacking capability to handle the situation and manager may kind of laugh it off. It's been a bit frustrating to be honest, but I want to regulate my feelings and handle this in a controlled manner.

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Should I stay or leave?

Software Engineer II at Taro Community profile pic
Software Engineer II at Taro Community

I'm feeling very undervalued at my current position. I've been working on my service the longest and therefore was the one that onboarded most of my team. In 2023 my manager and tech lead have largely been too busy to help. For instance, I only have 1-1s one every 2-3 weeks.

The new members we got on our team were new to the company and one in particular has relatively poor communication skills, so I have had to spend a lot of time onboarding them.

Unfortunately, in my performance reviews the main emphasis is on the work that I am delivering and there is not much emphasis on the impact I've had through the rest of the team. But the couple of months I tried focusing more on my work, I noticed the culture on the team degrading.

The hardest part for me has been that I have found my manager very unhelpful in helping me with my career and other frustrations. There have been multiple times where instead of helping I've felt as if he's blamed me. I have expressed this to them, but they have not changed.

Now I'm in late stages of interviews with 3 companies. I estimate the pay increase would be between 10-25% if I receive an offer.

Our team also just changed significantly, we swapped a mid-level engineer with a senior-engineer and got a new manager. They will be reporting to my previous manager so that manager will still be around.

I'm optimistic that the new manager and teammate will upgrade my situation but given the more than a year of frustration without improvement I'm still leaning towards leaving. Though I am having second thoughts as well.

I'd love to get any advice on how to handle my situation. Thanks so much!

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How to approach politics in organization like Meta?

Staff Software Engineer [E6] at Meta profile pic
Staff Software Engineer [E6] at Meta
  1. What are the key relationships you need to develop to increase your influence within the organization?

  2. How can you demonstrate your expertise and value to others without stepping on toes or appearing overly ambitious?

  3. What are the unmet needs or pain points within the organization that you can address to gain credibility and visibility?

  4. How can you leverage the principles of reciprocity and mutual benefit to build alliances across different teams or departments?

  5. What communication strategies can you employ to effectively share your ideas and persuade others without formal authority?

Fitting into an Established Organization:

  1. What is the prevailing culture within the organization, and how does it manifest in day-to-day operations and decision-making?

  2. Who are the key stakeholders and decision-makers, and what are their expectations for new members of the organization?

  3. What informal networks or communication channels exist, and how can you effectively navigate them to build relationships?

  4. How can you demonstrate respect for existing norms and traditions while also introducing fresh perspectives and ideas?

  5. What initiatives or projects can you undertake that align with the organization's goals and also allow you to showcase your skills and contributions?

  6. How can you seek out mentors or advocates within the organization who can provide guidance and support as you integrate into the company?

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