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How to write better annual review docs?

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Anonymous User at Taro Community8 months ago

English is not my first language. I have been keeping work journal but struggling to write good impact of my work. I am following the SBI model but when I write down my impacts they seem very simplistic.

for example, I wrote some training material for my team to teach them a piece of software i created. However, I am at loss to write good sentences to show the impact of this training very well.

In my culture we are not supposed to brag or talk ourselves up to others, so I really struggle at this.

Do you have tips and guidance how I could improve on this area?



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    Head of Engineering at Capgemini
    8 months ago

    The best way to get feedback is to give others an example of something you've written. If you could provide what you wrote as an impact statement for the training, I'm sure there are many within the Taro community (aside from myself) who can find specific ways to make the messaging stronger.

    In the meantime, I suspect you have some reference points of what "good" looks like in your current workplace (i.e. why you feel there's a gap). Do a comparison and see if any patterns emerge. For example, are they quantifying their outcomes or providing social proof consistently while you don't?

    One final point: I would not try to emulate "bragging" in any way, but rather focus on doing the high impact activity first and "contextualizing and capturing" it as things unfold. Also, note that delivering good written and verbal communication has overlapping, but also distinct techniques.

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    Senior Software Engineer and Career Coach
    8 months ago

    The main thing would be putting what are the goals of the business first, then tying anything you did to that.

    Ideally, if you are able to tie your impact to monetary value that would be best.

    I wrote an article about some of the mistakes I've made in the past around performance review docs, and there are some good learnings there that I'm sure would be valuable: https://careercutler.substack.com/p/dont-make-the-same-3-performance