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Recruiter saying they will wait & interview more before making an offer - What to do?

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Mid-Level Software Engineer at PayPala month ago

Hi All,

So I had an on-site this Friday with a company, and the recruiter returned saying that feedback was positive, but they didn't make an offer. So I asked for individual interviewers' feedback, and the recruiter read it out, and it was all rounds, yes. But still, they didn't make an offer.

She said I was the first candidate who got through positively, and they have others scheduled this week and the first week of January. So they would like to see them through. And decide by Jan 6.

She asked me for timelines and if I had another offer with an exploding timeline. I don't, but I may not have one in a few days. And she scheduled a call again within a few days to check if have an update.

What would you do in this case? It seems she will make me an offer if I have another offer or they don't find a better candidate. I haven't had this situation before.

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  • Alex Chiou
    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    a month ago
  • Mid-Level Software Engineer
    Mid-Level Software Engineer [OP]
    a month ago
  • Alex Chiou
    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    a month ago
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  • Touseef Liaqat
    ex-Senior Eng at Meta, Airbnb, Microsoft, Founder Algolab
    a month ago
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