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Should I be at Booking or look elsewhere?

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Entry-Level Software Engineer [SE1] at Booking.com2 years ago

Here are the 2 main options I’m thinking about:

  • Build scope here at Booking, particularly with this Perl -> Java migration where I am well-equipped. I've only been here 6 months, but I have a decent amount of good-will here with a supportive team and manager.
  • Go to a more prestigious Big Tech company like Meta/Google


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    Robinhood, Meta, Course Hero, PayPal
    2 years ago
    • My rule of thumb for job switches: Stay at least 1 year at your first job and 2+ years at subsequent ones.
    • Given the above, it's best to stay at Booking for a while, especially if your situation there is already pretty solid.
    • It's good to push for a Big Tech company earlier in career, but there doesn't need to be a huge rush here. Getting there within the first 5 years of your career should be fine. You have time.
    • Promotion tends to be slower at Big Tech, so if you're well-positioned at Booking, it could make the most sense to get a lot of promotions there before transitioning over into Big Tech at a high level you're content with. The alternative is switching over earlier, getting severely down-leveled, and then having to grind your way back up.